0439347291 secretary@caulfieldlittleaths.org.au Saturdays 8:30am-11:00am

Weekly Programs

This season we will be running 7 programs (shown below) which rotate each week and are subject to change.

Please sign in for duty as soon as you arrive. The program cannot commence until all official positions are filled. Please note that we will endeavour to run all programs to schedule however the Centre Executive reserves the right to adjust the events or the timetable at any time.

Week 10 of competition on Saturday 5th February 2022 will be Program 1. Warm up starts at 8:30am. U13 Boys are on Pack Up.

PROGRAM 1 – Warm Up starts at 8:30am.

U6 B & GOn Track70mLong Jump100m
U7 BoysLong Jump70m100mDiscus
U7 Girls70mVortex Javelin100mLong Jump
U8 Boys70mHigh Jump100mTurbo Javelin
U8 Girls70m100mDiscusHigh Jump
U9 Boys100mLong Jump200mShot Put 800m
U9 Girls200mDiscus100m800mLong Jump
U10 Boys200mLong Jump Turbo Javelin 100m800m
U10 GirlsTurbo Javelin200mHigh Jump100m800m
U11 BoysDiscus200mLong Jump100m800m
U11 GirlsShot Put200mLong Jump100m800m
U12 Boys100mTriple Jump200m800mShot Put
U12 Girls100mShot Put200mTriple Jump800m
U13 Boys200mHigh Jump100m800mJavelin
U13 Girls200mHigh Jump100mJavelin800m
U14 Boys200mJavelin100mTriple Jump800m
U14 -16 Girls200mDiscus100mLong Jump800m
U15 – 16 Boys200mLong Jump100mShot Put800m

PROGRAM 2 – Warm Up starts at 8:30am.

U6 B & GOn Track100mShot Put200m
U7 Boys60m HurdlesLong Jump200mVortex Javelin
U7 Girls60m Hurdles DiscusLong Jump200m
U8 BoysLong Jump60m HurdlesDiscus200m
U8 Girls60m HurdlesShot Put200mLong Jump
U9 Boys60m HurdlesHigh Jump100mTurbo Javelin 200m
U9 Girls60m HurdlesTurbo Javelin100mHigh Jump200m
U10 Boys60m HurdlesShot Put100m200mHigh Jump
U10 Girls60m Hurdles100mShot Put200mLong Jump
U11 Boys80m HurdlesHigh Jump100mJavelin400m
U11 Girls80m HurdlesDiscus100mHigh Jump400m
U12 BoysHigh Jump80m HurdlesDiscus100m400m
U12 GirlsDiscus80m Hurdles100mHigh Jump400m
U13 Boys100m80m HurdlesLong JumpShot Put400m
U13 Girls100m80m HurdlesShot PutLong Jump400m
U14 Boys100mLong Jump90m HurdlesShot Put400m
U14 -16 Girls100mTriple Jump80m/90m HurdlesJavelin400m
U15 – 16 Boys100mJavelin100m HurdlesTriple Jump400m
Note: U12 Boys High Jump, U14-16 Girls & U15-16 Boys 100m starts at 8:30am

PROGRAM 3 – Warm Up starts at 8:30am.

U6 B & GOn Track70mDiscus100m
U7 BoysShot Put70mLong Jump100m
U7 GirlsLong Jump70mShot Put100m
U8 BoysLong Jump70mShot Put100m
U8 GirlsTurbo Javelin70mLong Jump100m
U9 BoysDiscus70m100mLong Jump400m
U9 GirlsShot Put70m100mHigh Jump400m
U10 BoysHigh Jump70m100mDiscus400m
U10 GirlsDiscus70m100mHigh Jump400m
U11 BoysShot Put200mTriple Jump100m1500m
U11 GirlsJavelin200mTriple Jump100m1500m
U12 BoysLong Jump200mDiscus100m1500m
U12 GirlsLong Jump200mJavelin100m1500m
U13 Boys200mDiscus100mTriple Jump1500m
U13 Girls200mDiscus100mTriple Jump1500m
U14 Boys200mHigh Jump100mDiscus1500m
U14 -16 Girls200mShot Put100mHigh Jump1500m
U15 – 16 Boys200mHigh JumpDiscus100m1500m

PROGRAM 4 – Warm Up starts at 8:20am. Click here to view Program 4 with approximate times.

U6 B & GOn TrackShot Put70m200m
U7 BoysVortex Javelin70mLong Jump200m
U7 GirlsDiscus70mLong Jump200m
U8 BoysLong Jump70mDiscus200m
U8 GirlsShot Put70mHigh Jump200m
U9 BoysHigh Jump70m200mShot Put400m
U9 GirlsLong Jump200mTurbo Javelin70m400m
U10 BoysTurbo Javelin200mHigh Jump70m400m
U10 GirlsShot Put200mLong Jump70m400m
U11 BoysLong Jump200m100mJavelin400m
U11 GirlsHigh Jump200mShot Put100m400m
U12 BoysHigh Jump200mDiscus100m400m
U12 GirlsShot Put200mHigh Jump100m400m
U13 Boys200m HurdlesLong Jump100m400mJavelin
U13 Girls200m HurdlesLong Jump100mShot Put400m
U14 Boys200m HurdlesJavelin100mLong Jump400m
U14 -16 Girls200m/300m HurdlesDiscus100mLong Jump400m
U15 – 16 Boys300m HurdlesShot Put100mLong Jump400m

PROGRAM 5 – Warm Up starts at 8:20am. Click here to view Program 5 with approximate times.

U6 B & GOn Track100mDiscus50m
U7 Boys100mDiscus200mLong Jump
U7 Girls100mVortex Javelin200mLong Jump
U8 Boys (Blue)High Jump100mShot Put200m
U8 Boys (Red)100mHigh Jump200mShot Put
U8 Girls (Blue)Long Jump100mDiscus200m
U8 Girls (Red)Discus100mLong Jump200m
U9 Boys100mWalk 700mLong JumpTurbo Javelin800m
U9 Girls100mWalk 700mShot PutHigh Jump800m
U10 BoysDiscusWalk 1100m100m800mHigh Jump
U10 GirlsDiscusWalk 1100m100m Long Jump800m
U11 BoysTriple JumpWalk 1100m100mDiscus800m
U11 GirlsLong JumpWalk 1100m100mDiscus800m
U12 BoysLong JumpWalk 1100m100mJavelin800m
U12 GirlsJavelinWalk 1100m100mLong Jump800m
U13 Boys100mWalk 1500mDiscus800mHigh Jump
U13 Girls100mWalk 1500mJavelin800mTriple Jump
U14 Boys100mWalk 1500mHigh Jump800mShot Put
U14 -16 Girls100mWalk 1500mHigh Jump800mJavelin
U15 – 16 Boys100mWalk 1500mDiscus800mHigh Jump

PROGRAM 6 – Warm Up starts at 8:20am. Click here to view Program 6 with approcimate times.

U6 B & GOn Track60m HurdlesLong Jump200m
U7 BoysShot Put60m HurdlesLong Jump100m
U7 GirlsShot Put60m HurdlesLong Jump100m
U8 BoysTurbo Javelin60m Hurdles100mLong Jump
U8 GirlsHigh Jump60m HurdlesTurbo Javelin100m
U9 Boys60m HurdlesDiscus200mLong Jump100m
U9 Girls60m HurdlesLong Jump200mDiscus100m
U10 Boys60m HurdlesLong Jump200mShot Put100m
U10 Girls60m HurdlesHigh Jump200m Turbo Javelin100m
U11 Boys80m HurdlesHigh Jump200m Shot Put1500m
U11 Girls80m HurdlesJavelin200mTriple Jump1500m
U12 Boys80m HurdlesShot Put200mHigh Jump1500m
U12 Girls80m HurdlesDiscus200mHigh Jump1500m
U13 BoysShot Put80m Hurdles200mTriple Jump1500m
U13 GirlsDiscus80m HurdlesHigh Jump200m1500m
U14 BoysTriple Jump90m Hurdles200mDiscus1500m
U14 -16 GirlsTriple Jump80m/90m HurdlesShot Put200m1500m
U15 – 16 BoysJavelin100m HurdlesTriple Jump200m1500m

PROGRAM 7 – Warm Up starts at 8:20am. Click here for a PDF version of the program with approximate times.

U6 B & GOn TrackVortex Javelin200m50m
U7 BoysLong Jump200mVortex Javelin100m
U7 GirlsDiscus200mLong Jump100m
U8 BoysDiscus200mWalk 700mLong Jump
U8 GirlsShot Put200mWalk 700mHigh Jump
U9 BoysHigh JumpShot PutWalk 700m100m400m
U9 GirlsTurbo Javelin100mHigh JumpWalk 700m400m
U10 BoysHigh Jump100mWalk 1100mTurbo Javelin400m
U10 GirlsLong Jump100mWalk 1100mShot Put400m
U11 BoysJavelin100mWalk 1100mLong Jump400m
U11 GirlsHigh Jump100mWalk 1100mShot Put400m
U12 BoysTriple Jump100mWalk 1500mDiscus400m
U12 GirlsShot Put100mWalk 1500mTriple Jump400m
U13 Boys200m HurdlesLong Jump100mWalk 1500mJavelin
U13 Girls200m HurdlesShot Put100mWalk 1500mLong Jump
U14 Boys200m HurdlesJavelin100mWalk 1500mLong Jump
U14 -16 Girls200m/300m HurdlesDiscus100mWalk 1500mHigh Jump
U15 – 16 Boys300m HurdlesLong Jump100mWalk 1500mmShot Put