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Parent Duty

Caulfield Little Athletics is about family, fun and fitness. To run a successful program, Team Caulfield needs the support and involvement of parents in voluntary roles. Parent volunteers ensure the success of our centre both on and off track. This can be through assisting to measure, record and coach our children or supporting the running of the organisation or event in an off track role.

It is the obligation of all families registering at Caulfield to nominate for a duty role and complete that role on a minimum of 50% of the meets that your children participate. Parents of U6 On Track athletes are not required to nominate for duty when their U6 child is the only member of the family registered.

For people new to Little Athletics, the obligations of duty can be a little daunting, but be assured committee members and experienced coordinators will be on hand to support you until you get the hang of it. While duty is an obligation it is also a differentiator for the sport, a great way to get involved in your child’s athletic development and a great way to get involved in the community. Many great friendships form through the club.

Registration for duty is online and requires for you to nominate for a vacant duty role.

There are 4 types of duty roles – Key Officials, Event Coordinators, Age Group Teams and Event Support

1. Key Officials

Comprise individuals with knowledge and expertise in the running of the events. These roles are nominated for the season and people nominated perform these roles every time they are in attendance. Coverage for absences of key officials is provided from a pool of experienced spares.

2. Event Coordinators

These roles are typically filled by those parents/volunteers who have a technical understanding of the particular event. The event coordinator assists in mentoring the athletes and the AGMs in the rules, set up and the correct technics of performing the event. Typically, these are field events such as high jump, discuss, long jump etc

3. Age Group Teams

Made up of an Age Group Manager and two Assistants for each Age Group. Their role is to officiate, coordinate and supervise the age groups on competition days (including the running of field events) to support a fun and smooth running meet conducted in line with centre values and behaviours. Age Group Teams are nominated for the season and fulfil that role whenever in attendance. Each age group team has a spare assistant to cover absences of the Age Group Manager or an Assistant. When there is more than one absence in a team, coverage is obtained from the rostered spares within Event Support.

4. Event Support

Event support roles comprise Team A & B and are rostered onto duty on a fortnightly basis. These roles include various off track but important roles to the running of the meet such as manning the bbq or canteen, first aid, duty desk, event set up and rostered spares. If your nomination is for an Event Support role you will be subsequently allocated to either Team A or B by the Duty Coordinator and informed of this allocation via email. The season calendar includes the duty roster enabling you to plan your duty obligation.


At each competition day you are required to sign in for duty and given a hi-vis vest, which must be worn. If you do not sign in, it will be recorded as a missed duty.

All families with children participating in the Combined Event and Centre Championships, as well as Region and State events, will be required to complete duty on those days.

Pack Up

Each age group will be rostered on to Pack Up once for the season. This means that if you have a child in that age group when rostered on you will be required to stay behind at the completion of the meet and assist with pack up. Families with multiple children participating will be required to assist with pack up for each age group rostered.


Absences do happen and are expected. Should you not be attending a scheduled meet when you are on duty, it is appreciated if you notify the Duty Coordinator duty@caulfieldlittleaths.org.au in advance so that coverage for you can be organised.

Code of Conduct

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Little Athletics Victoria and Caulfield Little Athletics Code of Conduct, located under Policies on this website. The Centre will take appropriate action where these codes are breached. Please welcome and be patient helping new parents who are learning the various duty roles.