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U6 On Track

On Track is an initiative of the Victorian Little Athletics Association for U6 athletes.

The On Track program runs for 90 minutes within the regular competition program, typically from 9:00am-10:30am.

The On Track program allows

  • allows children to spend time learning and practicing the key skills of athletics through games, drills and activities.
  • uses modified equipment and alternatives to official competition areas.
  • gradually introduces children to the skills and events of athletics through a progressive “simple to complex” model.
  • reduces the need for highly accurate and time consuming measures of; distance, time and height.
  • reinforces skills learnt through modified competition; and focuses on participation, effort and improvement.

Benefits of On Track

  • No waiting around. With On Track the kids are on the go the whole time.
  • More chances to practice. A child does not have any chance to improve their skills unless they have plenty of opportunities to practice. For example if they only have three turns at long jump each week, they are not going to improve those skills. If they have 56 turns at “leaping” and “jumping” then they do improve those skills.
  • All children have the opportunity to excel. The focus is on the skill development of each individual. There are no winners and losers, all children come out ahead.
  • It’s fun. All of the activities are designed so that the kids are having fun all the time. Research has shown that the best conditions for children to learn skills is when they are stimulated through enjoyment.
  • It’s easy. There are no complicated rules to follow, nobody gets disqualified and it’s easy for parents to lend a helping hand.
  • It satisfies the specific needs and wants of children between 5-6 years and is designed for them.
  • It’s time friendly. All the action only takes 90 minutes.